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Projection Lenses


Projection Lenses

Projection lenses are quite useful however they can be difficult to choose at times. Projection lenses have two very important specifications which include F-Stop as well as focal length. The focal length can best be explained by the length used to calculate the ratio between image size and the throw distance.

The F-Stop refers to the focal length ratio of the lens. The F-Stop actually determines how much light can actually pass through the lens. The lower the number means that a greater amount of light is able to pass through at a given time.

Most projectors are made with a standard lens. There is no set standard for the lenses used in projectors. On some projectors the focal ratio and length can be determined. However, on most projectors focal length and ratio can not be determined.

Projection lenses are available as short throw, long throw and ultra long lenses. The various types of projection lenses have been designed to custom fit your projector. Which ever type of lens you choose it should make a long lasting and positive impression. projection lenses should never distort or compromise the quality of your images.

Short throw zoom lenses, Long throw zoom lenses and standard zoom lenses are also available. Depending on the make and model of the projector will determine which kind of lens may be used. Remember the lens must fit the projector therefore it is important to know the measurements of the projector prior to purchasing any additional lens attachments.

Projection lenses are available by a number of manufacturers. In addition, lenses of this kind can easily be ordered on line and delivered to your home or office within a matter of days. Almost all projectors may be custom fitted. Additional accessories can also be ordered for your projector.